Cin 7

Automate business processes and get the visibility and control you need to make more cash with less inventory with Cin7.  The Cin7 inventory management solution that lets companies know their costs and inventory levels in real-time, no matter how they sell their product. Cin7’s all-in-one capabilities allows companies to manage stock at production, in the warehouse, at the POS and through B2B eCommerce, while seamless seamless integration with popular accounting solutions lets them know your financial state instantly.

Finally, Cin7 connects with 100+ eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, third party logistics providers, big box retailers and other solutions growing companies need to manage inventory through their entire supply chain.

Starshipit seamlessly integrates with Cin7 to streamline the process of shipping your Cin7 orders.

Starshipit will

  • Automate and simplify fulfillment – reduce errors & eliminate manual processes
  • Reduce postage costs through courier optimisation
  • Improve customer service and engagement

and revolutionise every step of your distribution process.


Check out the full range of features and benefits of Starshipit here.  

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