Our powerful eCommerce software gives you all the features you need to build an online store, but BigCommerce is much more than a website builder. We give you the tools to streamline your online business so you can focus on what you do best — selling.

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Starshipit seamlessly integrates with BigCommerce to streamline the process of shipping your BigCommerce eCommerce orders.

Starshipit will

  • Automate and simplify fulfillment – reduce errors & eliminate manual processes
  • Reduce postage costs through courier optimisation
  • Improve customer service and engagement

and revolutionise every step of your distribution process:

At checkout

Rates and Delivery Choices at Shopify or Magento Checkout

Improve your customers’ purchasing experience with multiple delivery options.  Looks up addresses and auto populates fields to reduce costly mistakes.  

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During dispatch

Automate almost every step in the dispatch process.  Batch print labels, picking slips, auto-address correction, customs document lodgement, package allocation to couriers and more …

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Engaging customers

Improve customer service with your automated customised emails/sms to keep them in the loop, a custom branded tracking page and even enable them to print their own returns labels.

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