Australia Post eCommerce eParcel Shipping

Starshipit seamlessly integrates with Australia Post (eParcel, Parcel Post and Express Post) to streamline the process of shipping your eCommerce orders.  If you use more than one courier company to deliver your orders, no problem – Starshipit supports multiple carriers.

Starshipit removes the need for manual data entry of addresses into the eParcel portal reducing the chance of human and clerical errors.  The Starshipit portal will effectively replace the eParcel portal, providing you with an intuitive dashboard from which to operate and automate your fulfillment.  Starshipit removes the laborious tasks of copying and pasting information from one application to another and streamlines the whole process.

Starshipit will

  • Allocate orders to couriers depending on rules set by you
  • Validate delivery addresses and provide a lookup for easy correction
  • Email notification, Insurance, Authority to Leave, and Signature Required are all configurable within the app
  • Supplies shipping rates to your eStore and Tracking Updates to customers
  • Automate and simplify fulfillment – reduce errors & eliminate manual processes
  • Reduce postage costs through courier optimisation
  • Improve customer service and engagement
  • Supports multiple eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, WooCommerce and more

and revolutionise every step of your distribution process:


At checkout

Improve your customers’ purchasing experience and reduce costly errors, address look-up and multiple delivery options.

During dispatch

Automate every step in the dispatch process and reduce errors, time and cost by batch printing labels, packing slips, and auto-address correction.

Engaging customers

Communicate with your customers using customised emails/txts, branded tracking pages, and even enable them to print their own returns labels.


When you integrate Starshipit with your eCommerce store, you gain a powerful platform that will enable you to automate and improve many customer service and engagement areas.  Customise shipping notifications, status updates and create a customised branded tracking page for your customers.

With Starshipit, you no longer have to manually create labels, customs documentation and other laborious admin tasks.  You will be able to process orders 3 times faster, get more orders processed per day and reduce man hours.

Starshipit integrates with Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and more.

Starshipit is a Platinum Partner of Australia Post and is the ideal shipping integration for your Australia Post eCommerce orders.
Read our support pages to find out how you can integrate Australia Post today. 

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Midnight Co posted:

Could not recommend this app enough! It saves countless hours with e-parcel and integrates perfectly with a bit of help from the very supportive team!

Flora & Fauna say:

Starshipit has dramatically improved our efficiency and it’s easy to use. That’s essential when you have a small team and we’re changing warehouse roles regularly. Support is also very good if there are issues so trade is not impacted for long. With Starshipit’s eCommerce shipping integration, we can process orders in seconds, not minutes, saving us over $80k per year and improving order and delivery accuracy. Australia Post have a huge network in a very logistically challenged country. It’s easy to track orders and we have an account manager we can talk to. For us that is so important. Small things like the delivery driver taking photos of delivering packages really helps trace that order door to door.